What is CIS?

Construction Industry Solutions, known as CIS is addressing to the construction industry. CIS is highly specialized and provides solutions that fit every client. Small house builders or large and specialist companies are clients of the CIS.

Your contracts can be managed by the CIS which will give you instant information. CIS is designed to administrate a construction contract if the precise information is offered.

The most difficult part of a business is to control the costs of the project. The cost of the purchases will be combined with the payments of the sub-contractors. These things should be performed under HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme regulations. There are many question asked by a man who is starting a business in constructions domain and the answers can be quickly and correctly offered by CIS.

CIS will provide a full control for payment applications, contracts management, VAT invoicing, costing through and also cash receipt matching. Also, the budget can be assisted and managed by the CIS.

If you want to manage your contracts, you can to that using Pegasus CIS. Also, you can supervise the financial position and use MIS to obtain multiple financial reporting facilities. CIS systems allow you to manage all direct costs. Pegasus CIS will also manage your effective cash and this thing will make a serious difference to the profit. Correct information will be provided through all stages of your project.

This system is different from others because you can be able to access all information that you need. You can do everything with the existing data and export it and see what you need to do exactly.

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