Learn to change the barbeque from natural gas fueling to propane

There are still barbeques that use charcoal as a fuel, but these days more popular are the ones using propane or natural gas. It is handier to use propane for a barbeque grill because it makes it portable, while natural gas doesn’t. Also you can find propane at the gas stations or at the home improvement stores.

If you want to convert to propane you need to follow some rules.

First of all you need to check if the grill is compatible with a propane tank. To find this, search in the owner’s manual. The best way to obtain such information is from the manufacturer, that can also give you information about the conversion kit that fits you frill.

Before disconnecting the gas line you will need to turn off the supply of natural gas to the BBQ. Replace all the valves, regulators that are only for natural gas use, and replace them with new ones compatible with propane. Secure all the fittings tightly.

You will need to see if there are any gas leaks. To do this pour a solution of soap and water over the connections and look for bubbles while turning the gas supply on. Where you notice a leak, turn off the gas and seal the connection harder.

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