Learn to substitute the gas line on a 1HP yard machine tiller

In order to transfer fuel from the tank to the combustion chamber the 1 hp yard machine lawn tiller needs a gas line. Any cracks in the hose will result in the shutting off of the tiller because there will be no more fuel to supply it. Whenever this happens you must replace the old hose with a new one to ensure the proper functioning of the tiller.

Drain all the fuel inside the tank into a container by lifting it over to one side after removing the gas cap. Remove the rubber spark plug wire from the end of the plug and make sure is doesn’t contact the metal plug.

Remove the air filter box from the tiller by unscrewing all the bolts necessary. Detach the throttle cable from the side of the carburetor.

Detach the main fuel line from the elbow connector on the carburetor. Draw the fuel filter and the main fuel line into the tank opening using a metal hook. Take off the end of the hose off the fuel filer and pull it out with a pair of pliers.

Cut a new piece of fuel tubing of 8 to 12 inches long, to put it through the access hole behind the carburetor. Again put the fuel hose into the tank opening and attach the new filter’s nozzle inside the hose.

If you need repeat the process for the second line, or simply repeat the same process in the opposite order.

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