How to bend an aluminum fascia

The unprotected areas of your home will be protected by an aluminum fascia which will provide a run off of the excessive water. The aluminum fascia can be applied over the gutters and roof ends and it will be an additional way to remove water and build up from the roof offering a good protection to your walls.

The aluminum fascia needs a special attention if you want your roof and walls to stay away from problems.

There are a few steps that you must take when you will try to bend the aluminum fascia and you will need help when you’re going to install it. Materials that you’ll need: an aluminum fascia, a razor blade or utility knife, a combination square and a brake.

The first step into this process is to buy a brake tool. You can find one to an equipment supply store, hardware store or home improvement center. You will need to make practice before you’ll decide that it’s time to bend the aluminum fascia. If you haven’t money to buy a break tool you can do this job with a combination square. You will need to bend the aluminum into form manually but the combination square will give you a solid edge to work off.

Making cuts into the aluminum fascia represents the step number two. The aluminum will bend easier if you will make small cuts into the fascia using your utility knife. The cuts must be random and not so deep in this way preventing the aluminum to snap off.

Step number three is represented by the process of proper bending. You’ll need to bend the aluminum 90 degrees using the brake or combination square. This process provides the cover that will be attached to the rain gutters on the fascia board. To match the aluminum fascia with the roof edge you will need to use the knife and mark cuts in the place they meet. The bend of the fascia will be done easier if you will cut triangles at the bend points.

Use the combination square set perpendicular to the aluminum fascia and hold it against the underside. Place one hand under the fascia and the other on the combination square. Gently push up to bend the material into the angle that matches the gutters.

As step number for, you will need to use the combination square set perpendicular to the aluminum fascia and hold it against the underside. You will gently push up to bend the material with a hand placed under the fascia and one on the combination square until the fascia will match the angle of your gutters. This process must be repeated with all fascias that you need to bend before installing them. Any incorrect bends can be adjusted when you will attach the fascia because aluminum is a soft metal. You can also use roofing nails to attach the aluminum above the gutters. To avoid any issues like a wrong direction off the falling water you will need to assure that the slope and the angle of the roof matches precisely.

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