How to clean vinyl rain gutter better

Using a vinyl rain gutter will offer protection to your house against water damage. You need to clean the gutter periodically. In areas where rain isn’t so often, twice a year will be enough to clean the gutter.

The opposite thing happens in areas with heavy rain. In a rainy season cleaning the gutter once a month is advisable. Not only water will pass through the gutter but seeds and leaves and flowers as well. With time this residues will build up and will be really hard to clean.

First you will need a ladder to clean the gutter. Against the ladder you should hang a bucket. Do not hang it by the gutter! You will need a gutter scooper tool in order to remove any debris from the gutter.

Proceed with the cleaning process. First, start near the downspouts. You can use a pressurized water hose to flush the gutter. Check if the downspout is clogged by comparing the flow of water that comes out with the one that comes in. if you realize it is clogged, than use a plumber’s auger and unclog it.

If you have some money available you can choose to hire professional services to come and clean the gutter for you. But remember this is a job you can do alone. You can also save money by installing a gutter guard that will protect the gutter.

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