Instructions about attaching downspouts to stucco

If you follow the right steps it shouldn’t be very hard to attach a gutter downspout to a stucco textured wall.

The location of the downspout is determined by the downspout junction in your guttering. Use a plumb line to mark a vertical chalk line against the stucco slightly to one side of the downspout junction.

Start drilling inside the stucco with a masonry bit from 5 to 5 feet. Next drill another hole at a distance equal between the 2 sides of the downspout straps. The second hole is near the downspout junction.

Inside the holes you just drilled put the downpipe straps onto the stucco. If you are working on a ladder you should take advantage and feed the pipe through the straps already attaché to the wall. As long as the straps are tight against the stucco, there should be no problem. Assure that the downspout sections are broad end at the top and the seal the junctions.
You can apply stucco to the pipe after you connect it to blend it with the building.

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