Instructions for hanging half round gutters

Some very good accessories for your home are rain gutters and downspouts. The most used style of gutters is the half round gutter which is one of the best solutions if you want to prevent damages to your walls or house foundation. Using half round gutters, the lifespan of your house will increase.

In this article you will find some steps if you want to install half round gutters yourself.

First you will have to measure the length of the gutter and downspout and make a plan of what you will need to do. Then you will mark the top point of the place where the gutter will be installed. The point must be minimum ¼ inch lower than the roof. Also, mark the lower end of the gutter and then make a line between these two points. Then you will have to install brackets by making some drills at approximately 10 inches away one from each other. Using a hacksaw cut the sections of the gutter. You will need to put two pieces one over another if the gutter piece is too short and use galvanized screws to fix them together. Using pop rivets, you must attach end caps where is required and fill all the seams with sealing paste using the sealing gun.

Then you will have to fix the gutter by placing it into the fascia brackets and using galvanized screws you must tighten the nuts in some holes drilled into the gutter on each side of the fascia bracket. Using pop rivets you will fix some metal bands to cover all the joints. Then you will have to attach the downspout to the gutter and fix it using pop rivets. Using needle nose pliers, attach an elbow below the end of each downspout.

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