Instructions for installing a downspout diverter

A great way to get your gutters clear is to install a downspout diverter. It is a good option for you if you want to collect water into a rain barrel as its role is to divert the water into two pipes, one leading to the drain and another to the barrel. Follow the steps below if you chosen to live an ecologically life.

First, you will need to have all the materials into your lawn and make a plan about the process of assembling the diverter. Make sure that you have all the pieces and tools needed and proceed using the plan if you want to make it easy.

After you have the diverter ready, you will need to remove the old pipe from the gutter and make sure that you leaved enough pipe to fit the gutter and diverter easily. Make sure that the pieces join together well if you want to avoid leaks. You will need to measure the length from the barrel and drain and the pipe. You will need to subtract 2 inches and cut the pipe. Then you will have to attach the new pipe to the existing one and fix it using screws and nails. Make sure that water is spitted in two equal parts, 50 percent to the drain and 50 percent to the barrel.

Now, you have to install the pipes. Fix the two pipes by screwing them into place and proceed for all of the pieces. Now, you can test if your system is working properly and clean the mess up.

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