Instructions for installing a new downspout to your gutter

If you live in a place which rain is falling frequently, you will need to add some accessories to you guttering system after you install it. So, you will need to add some outlets and downspouts if you want your system to work well. These jobs can be easily done by a do it yourself house owner.

First, you will have to locate the place where you want to install the new outlet and you will need to do this when it rains. You will also need to check the areas where the gutters overflow and back up. You will install the downspouts into these places and remember that a corner is the perfect place to install them. Then you will have to climb on a ladder and mark a line where you will install the outlet if you want it to be straight. You will have to run a chalk line to the plumb line and snap it after you attached a plumb bob to the gutter. in this way you will know where is the center of the downspout.

Then you will have to use a marker and draw a square on the bottom end of the gutter at the precise size of the opening of the outlet. You will need to drill some small holes placed in the corners of the square you marked then placing the blade of the jigsaw you will cut the plastic piece. Then you will have to fix the brackets on the line that you marked before using a drill and galvanized screws. After that, you will install the top piece of the downspout into the hole that you cut before and then piece after piece until you install all the downspout. You will need to be careful to keep them lined up with the brackets.

You will need to apply silicone sealant on the top of the downspout if you want to seal the seam of the new piece well. So, having this done you can install the last piece, the bottom water spout and then check if your system is working properly.

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