Instructions for installing a rain gutter downspout

Rain gutter downspouts are created for collecting and diverting the water from the rain gutter into a drainage system or in a place which the house owner wants. Being the last piece to install into the process, the downspout must have the correct length and must be able to divert the water collected by the gutters efficiently.

The first step into the process of installation of a downspout is measuring the length of the distance between the ground and the bottom of the gutter.

You will have to subtract 6-7 inches and this will be the length of your downspout. Make a mark on both ends of the downspout and place the measuring tape on it deducing 2 ½ inches and marking again. Deduct another two inches after you measured again and repeat the action for both sides of the downspout. Follow the areas where it is marked and saw accordingly by using a hacksaw. In this way you will create a downspout with a diagonal end. Then you will have to apply sealant around the top end of the downspout and attach it to the gutter by using 6 rivet screws to fix it. Make sure that you don’t have water when you apply the sealant and apply it on the outside of the downspout too.

Then you will have to add the elbow to the downspout using tapping screws and pointing it to the ground. Having the downspout leaned against the wall, attach the other elbow to the lower part of the downspout and attach the last elbow which must be pointed to the ground. You will need to cut the downspout if it’s touching the ground. Then you will have to attach the metal straps and fix the downspout to the wall if you want to avoid shaking in case of powerful wind. Drill holes and screw the metal straps into the wall.

Now you are ready to add the last elbow that faces the drainage system and check if your downspout is working properly.

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