Instructions for installing a rain gutter guard

A very good way to reduce the number of cleanings of your gutter is to install a rain gutter guard. This accessory will keep debris and leaves away from your gutters and will reduce you effort with cleaning them which we all know that is an annoying and tiring job.

First, you will have to clean and remove all debris, dirt, leaves and other objects from your gutters and you will probably need some tools to do that job which can be bought from a home store.

You will also need to check if your gutters are not leaking. So, for this job you will need to put a hose inside your gutter and check for leaks on all surfaces of your spouts.

Then you will have to measure all gutters and buy the precise amount of guard to cover the gutters if you want to reduce your costs.

Into the last step you will need to cut the guard to fit the gutter after you checked twice the precise size. You will place the guard under the shingles row, snap it and screw the brackets below the eaves. Make sure that you placed the guard 6 inches away from each end of the gutter and then to every 18 inches.

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