Instructions for installing downspouts on concrete walls

If you want to stay away from problems with water you should install a new guttering system when you will wish to install a downspout. The job isn’t difficult even your walls are made of concrete but you will certainly need the help of an assistant.

First, you will have to start with the installation of the brackets for the gutter, so, in this way the installation of the downspout will be easier.

Using the proper hardware, install the gutters on the brackets and make sure that you install the downspout first at the exit end of the gutter if your gutter comes with a cover. Using a sealant like silicone, attach the downspout elbow to the gutter and make sure that is no leak between the downspout and the gutter. Then you will have to attach to the elbow the extensions of the downspout and make sure that your pipe is long enough to about 6 inches from the ground.

Into the next step you will have to attach the downspouts to the walls of the house and the first step is to decide how many brackets you will use. Drill holes into the wall once you decided the place where to put the brackets. Put the bracket around the downspout when the holes are drilled lining up the holes. Tap the masonry anchor after you put it into the hole and using the nut driver, tight the bolt down to expand the anchor into the wall if you want to hold it safe.

Put sealant on each joint after you completed the installation of the brackets. You can choose to collect the rain water into a barrel for wetting the garden or you can install a concrete splash guard to prevent eroding.

Attach the elbow to the downspout to divert the water away from your house and wait 4 hours for sealant to dry completely. Then you can test if your system is working properly.

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