Instructions for making your own gutters

There are many options if you need new gutters for your home. You can choose to create them yourself, which can be a hard and expensive job. You can buy them already made, which is also an expensive option but a good one, or you can choose to buy gutter and downspout pieces to assemble yourself, which is the least expensive and easy job.

Gutters are a very important piece to your house as they carry water away from your roof, walls, house foundation and protect them and your garden. You will need to be careful into the process of creating and installation if you want to avoid issues. First, you will have to choose the material depending on your budget and needs. So, metal gutters are the standard option, but you can also choose copper which is more expensive or vinyl which is cheap and suits well with a do-it-yourself job.

You will have to measure the fascia of the house and purchase the pieces of gutter that you need. Remember that they are made in 10 feet lengths and you will need to consider the joints which should be at least 3 or 4 inches. Purchase the downspouts by measuring the distance between the roof and ground. You will need to assemble the pieces of gutter to the ground by joining them together. You will use sealant and screws placed on the side. You will also cut the gutter to the place where downspout will be paced and fix it using sealant and metal screws. Now, your gutters are ready to be hanged.

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