Leaf filter gutter guard description

Choosing a home improvement product involves analyzing all the options. One common improvement needed is the gutter guard, especially if the house is surrounded by trees. This way you prevent clogging and allow water to drain from the roof.

The leaf filter gutter guard is a system with a waterfall structure. Inside the waterfall panel there is a porous filter made of nylon, while the structure is made of stainless steel. The standard way to install such a gutter guard involves slipping the top runner under the roof shingles and after that securing the bottom cap to the gutter lip.

Because of its design and porous filter debris don’t get inside the gutter. The good thing is that this doesn’t cause clogging either because all of the debris just slides down because of the slanting position.

Another advantage is that high water flows through the channel because of the large holes. But, as nothing is perfect there is the possibility that eventually the drain will get clogged with small particles that get stuck, preventing the flow of water.

The structure is very durable and strong because it’s made of steel, on the other hand the nylon filter can get damaged by the sun. But otherwise it’s very resistant to high pressures because of it’s large surface.

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