Learn to set up covers on rain gutters

If cleaning the gutters is a job you really dislike then you should definitely consider installing gutter covers. A rain implies not only water pouring through the gutters but also debris, leaves, small animals twigs which at one point will end up clogging the gutter. This is why you need a gutter cover: to prevent all this.

Below are a few steps that teach you to install these gutter covers.

You need to fit the covers exactly over the gutter. So what you need to do is measure the length of the gutter precisely from one end to another including even spaces in the tract system in order to be able to cut the covers. Make sure you measure all the gutters.

After that, use the measurements to cut the cover in the right size. It is quite easy to install the covers but it can also be tricky. Climb on a ladder while taking the cover with you to place it over the roof. Glide the peak of the cover beneath the shingles and snap the base over the edge of the gutter.

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