Solve the problem of gutters hanging down at the corners

In order to avoid leaks you have to be really careful when installing gutters on the side of your home. Making a mistake in the installation process will lead to the hanging of the gutters down on corners. This will cause leaks in the corners instead of a steady water flow to the downspout.

This problem can easily be avoided if you follow the correct steps in straightening and securing the gutter corners.

In order to do this you have to first check for any downspout connection on that corner. You can reduce this corners hanging by using the downspout. If there is no downspout you must check the nailing that is holding the corner. Nails may come off the fascia board because of the great weights that the gutter is put to handle, and therefore leaving the corners loose.

You have to re hang a corner that has come off. To do this you have to remove the old nails and the fascia piece holding them too. After that replace the board with a new one and nail the gutter to it.

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