Some gutter guard types

There are so many types of gutter guards available on the market it is difficult to make a decision. To make this decision easier here is a little description on each type.

First, aluminum gutter covers.

They work on the water adhesion principle, but they need cleaning. You need to keep the nose of the system so the water to be able to adhere. Another problem with this type in the winter is icicles. Because once the small opening freezes the water will only have the sides to go causing the water to freeze and create icicles. You can solve this problem by adding a heater cable across the nose of the gutter, but this will cost you extra. And the last problem with aluminum is that it creates a good home for bees, yellow jackets and wasps.

Second is the foam filter that uses urethane material. This triangle shaped product leaves space for the water to flow, but in time you will face clogging problems. If you don’t clean the product it will cause overflowing especially if you have valleys or live in areas with pine needle, oak strands etc. all in all, this is a great DIY product.

You can get so many sealing materials from the home improvement store, made from aluminum, nylon, plastic, but the best thing to have in mind is that anything is better than nothing.

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