Some hints about vinyl downspout Installation

Most people consider that installing a downspout system to their homes is not a priority. Even so, they are still necessary to redirect the rain water away from the house. If you do decide to install a downspout, you must know how to do it completely right, to avoid further problems.

You should take advantage of the next advices.

To install the downspouts properly you have to make sure that the cuts are not ragged and that they are square. After making the measurements, cut outside of them using a mitre box. If you want a cut that is as clean as it can be, you should make sure that you use a sharp hack-saw blade. Finally, remove the hard edges with sandpaper.

After that you have to put the pieces together. To ensure a good water flow, make sure you insert the top piece into the bottom piece. To complete the installation you have to seal the joint with latex caulking. You can even seal both of the joint sides, for a better sealing. This way you will know for sure that water flows in the right place.

Clamp the downspouts securely to the house if you want longer vinyl downspouts. You can know for sure that the brackets are the correct size if you buy them along with the downspouts.

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