The 3 low cost gutter types

The market is now full of gutter types, each one having its own characteristics. Depending on what material they are made of, they have different prices. The installation process involves an extra cost again depending on the difficulty of the job the contractor has to perform.

You could try and install them yourself, if you have the available time, If not, hiring a contractor will save you that time. The time average for a gutter installation is estimated at 7 hours depending from various factors.

1. PVC and Vinyl Gutters

The least costly gutter type is the PVC along with vinyl gutters. Usually you have to pay between 3$ and 5$ per foot.

2. Wood Gutters

At a price of 16$ per foot, the next cheap type is the wood gutter.

3. Metal Gutters

Being a little but more expensive, depending on the thickness of the metal used, metal gutters are the third option. the cheapest metal gutter is the one made of galvanized steel. The next one is the aluminum one. These two types range in price between 4$ and 9$ per foot.  And finally there is the stainless steel and copper gutters. This ones being more expensive go to 20 $ per foot.

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