A comparison between electronic furnace filters and pleated filters

To improve indoor air quality there is a filter inserted inside the central heating unit that eliminates the contaminants from the environment. These filters can be electronic and pleated furnace filters. They have the same working principle which is to isolate all microscopic particles in the filter.

Allergy sufferers must be protected against pollutants and other substances that find themselves in the air, and this is what the filter stands for, catching these particles. Some of these particles are dust, pollen, smoke, plant and mold spores, mildew, fungus, dog and cat dander, fumes from paint, carpeting, flooring adhesive and cleaning products. By eliminating these substances from the air, persons with respiratory diseases are improving their quality of life.

Electronic filters use static electricity to catch these particles. There are two plates with a negative charge that catches the particles and a third plate used for smaller particles. To perform well the filters must be cleaned once a month. It is also known that the filters do not slow down the air flow.

There are plenty of types, sizes and efficiencies for the pleated type of filters. The most known style, the accordion style is very efficient in catching contaminants, but while the efficiency grows, the air flow is decreased.

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