A variety of floor heating systems

1. The hydronic flooring system

It is said that this kind of radiant heating system is the most popular and cost effective for a home, by the U.S Department of Energy.

Also this kind of energy is environmental friendly because the energy consumption is a lot lower. This system involves tubing installed under the floor of the room through which the system pumps boiled water from a water heater or boiler.

The system uses thermostats or zoning pumps to control the room temperature.

2. Electric radiant flooring system

This system uses electric cables or mats to heat a room. They are located just under the floor covering in the sub-floor. This system works best with small rooms like a bathroom, or a kitchen which has cold floor tiles. It is not recommended to use the electric radiant flooring system on large rooms simple because the energy consumption would be very big.

3. Wood-burning system

This is the same system as the hydronic system, except the water is heated using a wood box, and then it circulates in the tubing under the floor. The bigger the wood box the bigger the amount of heat it can deliver. Usually the heating time varies from 12 hours to 96. This makes the wood-burning system the secondary heating source.

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