Basic information about portable space heaters

Due to a small consumption of energy and the possibility of moving them easy wherever you want, portable space heaters represent a good solution for small spaces. They are very efficient as they can be installed in only one room, in this way reducing the costs. In this article you will find information about different types of space heaters and how they can be very efficient.

Heating a small space will always be cheaper than warming a big one. This is the main advantage of portable space heaters. They will consume a smaller amount of energy than a standard large system and they can be moved where you need them avoiding unnecessary working of the system. So, you will be able to use them only in that rooms which will be occupied or used. They represent an ideal solution for a house where few people live or for an office. They will heat the space required quickly and create the comfort needed.

So, you will need to choose from two important options if you consider buying this system. You will need to choose from convection and radiation heaters.

As they are named, convection heaters use convection to transfer heat to the room. These systems can heat air directly or they can heat oil or other fuel which will heat the air. A fan is used to distribute the hot air into the room. You need to know that these kind of systems suit well with good insulation.

The other option, radiant heaters, is providing heat only in the area they are placed in. They provide concentrated heat to the objects around them and they can warm up people before warming the air. They have a disadvantage because they are creating radiations which can affect clothes or even the skin. They represent a good solution for poor insulated rooms. New models can be manufactured to contain a fan which distributes warmth around the room.

Also, you will need to know that you can choose electric or other fuel systems. Electric systems will never release any fumes into the room or raise the level of monoxide carbon and they can win the battle with cold easily. However, infrared heaters represent a better option even if they are more expensive.

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