Central heating systems

The idea of central heating dates from ancient Greece when people used it to protect themselves from hard cold. Today we have more than one central heating systems.

Water Circulation

More popular in Europe tan other regions this systems uses a boiler to heat water and then circulates it through the house to heat it.

The water is passed through specialized wall panels and the transfer of heat is done between the water and air.

Electric Resistance Heating

With access to an electrical supply the electric resistance heater turns electricity into heat and then distributes it around the room through ventilation systems.

Active Solar Heating

With special glass panels installed in the yard or on the roof of a building sunlight is captured and used to heat air that is then transferred to the ventilation system and inside the house.

Steam Boilers

This system has a water tank that is heated with burning gas or oil until the water boils and creates steam. The steam is then passed through some radiators that heat up a room transferring the steam’s heat.

Forced-Air Furnace

Using burners that work with oil, natural gas or propane or an electrical element the air is heated and then transferred to the duct work of a building. The hot air then reaches the vents and heats up the room.

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