Central heating systems

There are various types of central heating systems:

Water Circulation

This system uses a water heater to generate hot water that heats the house. The system consists of wall panels used to carry the water and transfer heat into the air.

Electric Resistance Heating

This system uses electrical supply to produce heat inside a heating unit.

The electrical current is passed through the unit and transformed into heat. The furnace has special fans purposed to carry the heat through the ventilation system of the building.

Active Solar Heating

In order to capture sunlight and use it to produce heat, the system uses specialized glass panels located strategically. The heat captured is afterwards used to heat air and water distributed around the house to produce heat.

Steam Boilers

This system has a boiler that burns gas or oil to heat the water inside of it until it boils and produces steam. The system then transfers the steam to the radiators that heat up the air in the house.

Forced-Air Furnace

Using a burner that works with gas, oil or an electrical element, the air is heated and then passed through a blower that transfers hot air through the duct work and into the building’s vents.

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