Comparing convection space heaters with central heating

Convection Space Heaters

Convection heaters are space heaters and you can move them from room to room. They function with electricity. The system has a unit with special coils that heat up the air pulled from the room.

The coils are heated with electricity. If the system has a fan too, then it will blow the heat back into the room, otherwise it will just radiate heat.

Central Heating

A central heating system heats up an entire building at the same time. It works with natural gas, liquid propane or water. The heated air is distributed around the house through duct work by a ventilation system. If the central heating system works with heated water, then instead of ductwork we have pipes that carry hot water around the house. After travelling through the pipes, the water measuring 180 degree Fahrenheit reaches the radiators placed inside the rooms.


Both systems work with an energy source, and both are based on the heat exchange principle to heat up cool air. The convection system returns the warm air back to the room directly while the central heating system uses ductwork to transfer heat.


The main difference is that central heaters can warm an entire building while convection heaters only warm up a desired area. The central heating system can also operate using gas or water. Even though the convection heaters cost so little, they can raise your energy bill substantially. The central heating system will cost you thousands of dollars to install but will run at a very low cost too.

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