Conserve energy from electric central heat

1. Insulation

You can conserve a lot of heat and reduce costs a lot if you insulate your home properly. No matter the way your central heater produces heat, insulation is still needed.

Hot air can easily get lost in the attic as it rises and you can prevent this with insulation. If you want to reduce heating bills, apply insulation to the garage, behind a wall that leads to the attic or crawl spaces.

2. Lower the Thermostat

Set the temperature of the thermostat to 70 degrees during the day and a little cooler during the night to prevent high heating bills. Also when you leave the home set the thermostat at 55 degrees.

3. Seal Leaky Air Ducts

The air duct system used to transport heat around the house may have leaks. At that moment air will escape through the leak and into the attic or crawl space. Inspect the duct periodically and seal every leak you identify with duct tape.

4. Replace or Clean Filter

A normal central heating system filters the air before it introduces it inside the house. Over time, the filter may get clogged with certain debris causing a reduction in the air flow. Replace the filters regularly, at least every three months.

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