Damaged central heating systems

Here are some troubleshooting steps to repair any damage to the central heating system.

First of all before proceeding with any troubleshooting you have to check the thermostat. Maybe someone else has modified the thermostat temperature or even turned it off.

After you eliminate this from the possible causes go check the service panel. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse and then see if the system is working.

You can prevent any further development of the problem by cleaning the thermostat. After you turn the system off remove the cover on the thermostat. Locate the contact points and wipe them with a cotton swab dipped into a solution with vinegar and water.

When the heater doesn’t provide the same air flow as it used to, it may be the case to change the air filter or to clean the forced-air distribution ducts. Perform regular filter checks because a clogged filter will significantly reduce the quality of the heating.

At regular periods you will need to check the heating system machinery to see if the electrical circuitry hasn’t overheated. You will know you are dealing with overheating when you see burned wire insulation and scorched paint on the housing. Repair by tightening the connections or replacing the wire.

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