Difference between central heating and space heaters

Central Heating

Central heating systems are quite popular among homes. The type of system most commonly used is the one that heats the air using a furnace and then transfers the hot air around the house.

Space Heaters

This type of heaters uses electric power to heat up the air.

Usually they are used for small areas. Electric coil heaters and oil-filled radiant heaters are the two most used systems.

Depending on how you use your own home you can deduct the best heating system suitable for you. You don’t need central heating if you only spend time in one or two rooms. Using space heaters you save a lot of money.

The consumption of gas or other fuels is a lot larger compared than the consumption of electricity, meaning that the cost of a space heater is a lot smaller.

A good way to save some money when using central heating systems is to turn it off at night in the presumption that you have some heavy blankets to tuck yourself in. heaters with a timer are a good solution in this case as you can program it to turn on before you wake up so you have heat in the morning.

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