Instructions for connecting in-floor radiant heating systems

If you want to reduce your costs with heating, you will need to consider the radiant floor heating system. This kind of system allows water to heat the floor, they prevent cold floors. Being installed under the floor, the main system can’t be seen and this fact added to its efficiency gives to the system rang of luxury.

So, if you want to connect in-floor radiant heating systems, you will start by screwing two heat plates per joist into the subfloor. You will need to use a drill and self taping screws.

Then, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s advice and assemble the heat pump carefully and also the manifold assembly.

Now, you will have to connect the new pipe to the system. So, you will screw it into the pipe which comes from the hot water heater. You will need to place the clamp around the pipe and penetrate the pipe with the screw which is turned on the tap.

After that, you will need to apply two turns of Teflon tape around the threads of the rap valve. Using your hand, you will need to screw the attachment hose leading to the mixer to these threads until you will meet firm resistance. Be sure that you tight it well with a ¼ turn from the crescent wrench.

Now, you will need to create some holes for the heating plastic hoses. The holes will be drilled to 7/8 inch in the joists leading to the transfer plates. You will also need to tap the hoses into the transfer plates.

Next, you will need to connect the hoses to the mixer by attaching the ends of them to the corresponding location of the mixer. You will need to slide the ends over the nozzles and push and turn them until they are attached firmly.

Now, you will need a professional to connect the mixer to the thermostat which is controlling the radiant heating system. Finally, you will need to blown insulation under the transfer plates if you want to prevent heat loss from the system.

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