Is under floor heating the best option?

In case you consider buying a new heating system, it is recommended to ask your local store about under floor heating. First, you should know that this system is using a large surface to heat the air which means you will need your heating elements to be slightly hotter than the surface heated while a radiator is transferring heat from a small surface which has to be much hotter than the room heated. The temperature of water into a under floor heating system will be around 45-65 degrees centigrade while a radiator will have the temperature of 80 degrees centigrade.

Almost all systems are warming the floor to 25-28 degrees centigrade, which is a good temperature for a house.

You should know that if you want to buy a new system, you will have to choose from two options: water and electric system. The first is functioning using a central heating system and the second is function using a thermostat and programmer. You will find below both advantages and disadvantages for these systems.

The first system analyzed is the water system. You should know that this kind of system uses hot water which is pumped into small plastic pipes placed under the floor connected to the central heating system. The best solution is to install those pipes when you construct the building but you can be fitted after too. If you construct a new house, it is recommended to install the pipes between the layer of sand and concrete and assure a good insulation if you want to avoid wasting energy and heat. If you have an upper floor installed, you will need to install the pipes between the joists of the floorboards.

The other choice is represented by the electric model which is easiest to install and fit. You will need to install an electric mat which will be laid on the floor and then to choose a covering lay. Most companies have very well structured instructions for the process of installation and some of them will assure you a check of the system after the installation is done. It is very important to isolate electrical circuits before working on the electric system but the best option is to ask a professional to do this job.

The advantages of these systems are that they are easy to use and they are quiet. Also, they don’t need space to be installed and they are safer than traditional systems as you can’t touch any hot piece of the system. Also, the installation of the electric mat is quick and simple.

As disadvantages, I need to mention the time of heating and cooling which is large. Also, you will need to be careful into the process of installation to keep the floor safe. It is recommended to use stone or ceramic tiles instead of wood and laminate floor.

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