Learn to hang a quartz radiant heater

You can benefit from high intensity heat that a quartz radiant heater can offer to warm an entire room, all if you hang the heater properly. The heater has a lamp positioned in the front that makes energy through a bunch of short wave infrared wavebands that eventually cause heat. The quantity of the heat offered by the heater depends on how high you hang the heater.

The higher the better.

After deciding on a hanging place you will have to place the base plate on the wall by screwing it tightly. The base plate has a system that permits you to just attach the heater onto it and leave it like that to hang. The heater has seven brackets inside which you have to insert 7 screws. Make sure you screw them very tight. Make sure you don’t touch the quartz inner lining under the heater’s lamp piece while you clean the heater of debris.

Find the hole in the base plate that allows the electrical cord to go through. Then plug the cord into the wall.

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