Learn to make a comparison between radiant floor heaters

It is very important that you compare al the types of radiant floor heating before you make a decision for your home. Compare them by the type of heat source, method of installation and floor covering product. All this information can be found on the internet or from a specialist.

It seems there are three types of radiant floor heat: air-heated radiant floors, electric radiant floors and hydronic radiant floors. There are two ways for installing the heating cables: by embedding them into concrete slabs or by running them under the floor. As for the floor covering there are some simple options for you: ceramic tiles, vinyl and linoleum.

Learn about the different heating systems from a radiant floor specialist. Ask him what heating system to use with your specific flowing system.

When you finally decide what type of radiant heating system you want, what installation method you prefer and what covering you want to use on the floor contact multiple radiant floor heating companies and ask them about your project to obtain an average cost.

If there is a company you prefer, ask them if they can match the lowest price you found out about earlier. Usually they prefer to match the competitor’s price in order to have more customers. You will eventually have the best company working for you at the best price.

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