Learn to repair the cracks from a radiant heat concrete floor

Home foundations and floors are made most commonly out of concrete. Heating the home using radiant heat concrete floors is a new technology that provides comfort with less energy consumption and minimum space requirement. Despite it is a solid material, concrete appears to crack at some point, and it is very important that these cracks are repaired as soon as they appear to prevent any damage to the heating system under the floor.

Clear the crack area of dust using a wire brush and vacuum cleaner. Fill the crack with vinyl patch cement using a concrete float trowel. Read the instructions on the vinyl patch cement package to make sure you make everything properly.

Clear the area of any excess vinyl patch cement with a wet sponge. You should level the surface where the crack was with the rest of the floor. If there are any special drying instructions refer to them. Repeat these steps for any other cracks in the concrete.

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