Problems with a clogged furnace filter

It is very important that your furnace has a filter installed to protect yourself from the dirt in the air. A clogged filter means an inefficient filter, resulting in health problems for individuals breathing that air and damage to the furnace.

The filter has the purpose of catching air particles and dirt in the air before it enters the furnace.

So if the filter is clogged the air that goes into the furnace will be polluted. All that dirt will get on the furnace parts damaging them and also the dirty air will run through the vents and inside to room. This can be a serious problem for people with respiratory diseases because they can be really affected by pollen, dust or mold particles. People who don’t suffer from respiratory diseases may eventually develop one.

The dirt that gets on the furnace parts will slow down the furnace efficiency or even stop it. The furnace may not start because of the dirt on the coils; the same thing could happen to the blower motor. All this will eventually lead to the wearing out of the furnace.

The solution to this problem is to change the filter every three months at most. In case of allergies or pets the filter will need changing every month. There are also washable filters that only need to be washed regularly. Otherwise you will need to replace it.

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