Repair the central heating and air system

1. The first and most important thing to do to your furnace before performing any changes is to change the filter. This will help saving energy and will maintain the furnace working.

A dirty filter will cause a lack of air flow which will overheat the furnace.

2. Verify the most often problems first. This includes checking if the thermostat is set properly, if the circuit breakers are good, listen to the motor of the furnace, check if the plenum is hot.

3. Verify if the power supply for the furnace is working. Check the LED light if any that indicates if the furnace is on or off.

4. See if there is any ignition. It has to be an electronic ignition or a pilot light. The furnaces that use a pilot light usually have a thermocouple to maintain the pilot light and this time it may need to be replaced. To do so, you will first need to shut off the gas and turn off the power. After that, locate the thermocouple that goes from the gas valve to the pilot and looks like a thin copper tube. Take off the thermocouple and clean the area. Install a new thermocouple. Turn on the gas and relight the pilot light.

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