The importance of a furnace filter

Thinking about the protection of the furnace, a furnace filter is a very important piece which prevents issues with air which is containing airborne particles. So, depending on the size of dirt and particles, the percentage for capturing them is different for different types of filters.

First, you should know that a furnace filter is protecting the coils and the motor.

So, you need to consider using furnace filters, as they stop dirt and air borne particles to reach the pieces of the motor and the ducts which lead to your rooms. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary repairs and issues created by dirt to your health.

So, particles that will enter your rooms, will affect your health and you surely don’t need this. You can suffer from eye irritation and air breathing problems which are the most serious. Also, allergies can be aggravated by airborne particles or they can start new allergic symptoms. Installing an air filter, you will reduce these risks and your health will not be in danger.

Being created to capture dirt particles from the air, furnace filters can be manufactured in many models. If you think to buy a filter, you will want to consider fiberglass option which will capture particles from 6 to 100 microns. They aren’t good if you need your system to capture small particles such as 0.3 microns or smaller. Another system which you will need to think about is pleated polyester filter which can capture particles from 0.3 to 6 microns. The best system is represented by electronic deep-pleated filters which have a high efficiency as they are capturing all sizes of dirt. They will need a special box installed into the duct. Another option is washable furnace which will capture big and medium size particles. They will also capture small particles if you will use a tacky coating spray.

Systems efficiency is calculated and put into a table as it follows: fiberglass filters are efficient up to 2 percent for sub-micron dirt particles. Thin plated are efficient up to 11 percent and washable filters to 6 percent. Electronic filters are efficient up to 94 percent and pleated electrostatic filters up to 49 percent. Deep plated filters are efficient up to 25 percent.

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