Two common fuels: propane and wood

Both propane and wood are used as fuel in a fireplace, a kitchen stove or a barbecue grill, so they both have things in common.

Wood has its own special properties. It is a renewable energy source that grows in nature.

The unique touch that hickory, apple or mesquite wood gives to the food you are cooking on a grill is altogether special. No gas can compare to the smell and sound of burning wood in a fireplace.

Also known as liquefied petroleum ( “LP” ) propane is also a fuel used for cooking or other energy involving actions. The advantage of propane is that it produces heat instantaneously unlike wood that takes time to fire up. Using propane on a grill will really fasten the cooking; also you can use propane for a fireplace.

Even though wood is classic when it comes to fire, propane is much more efficient. When it comes to heating an entire house, propane is much above wood. All you need is a full tank and then you can attach it to whatever you want to heat up.

The thing with propane is that it is dangerous to handle with. It is very easily flammable and has to be storage safely. Even though it lights up a lot faster than wood, accidentally lighting a match near a tank of propane can lead to a big tragedy. Overall, fire is not a thing to play with, so no matter what you use to make one, it should be under adult supervision.

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