Decrease the amount of heat produced by skylights

Skylights are installed on the roof of the house because this is the most efficient way to get as much light and heat inside a room from outside. But sometimes, these just happen to be too much. You can reduce the heat and light provided by a skylight using some techniques.

1. You can cover the skylight window to prevent some of the heat from entering the room. There are shades and blinds especially designed for skylights that help this purpose. There is another product called window coverings that not only blocks heat but light also.

2. You can reduce the amount of heat that a skylight produces after the installation as well. There are studies that show that s skylight installed facing west will produce more heat in the afternoon. The best facing is towards north or south if you want only light and not too much heat.

3. If your skylight has a system that allows it to open, then open it to allow some of the heat to get out.

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