Learn to repair an acrylic skylight

A very good way to add some light to your house is to install an acrylic skylight. This type of skylight is stronger than a glass model but it can be easily scratched. Compared to glass models, acrylic ones can be repaired using acrylic solvent cement.

You can give a fine look to your skylight by fixing it instead of a replacing which is more costly.

So, if you need to repair an acrylic skylight, you will start by cleaning it using water and detergent. You will need to look carefully for cracks and scratches if you want to finish the job quickly. To remove the light scratches from the surface of the skylight, you will need to polish the outside face of it. In this way, you will find easier the cracks too. You will need to use a cotton rag and a small amount of polishing compound. Then, you will wipe off the surface and you will use a painter’s masking tape to tape off the areas around cracks.

Now, you will fill the squeeze bottle applicator with acrylic solvent cement and you will squeeze the bottle until the cement is near the bottle’s top. You will release the finger pressure slightly on the bottle to create a vacuum which keeps the cement from pouring out when the bottle will be inverted. You will simply place the needle against the crack and you will apply a thin bead of cement into the gap. You will repeat the process for all cracks.

Now, you will remove the masking tape and you will let the cement to dry for 24 hours. Then, you will buff the residual cement and wash the skylight. If you have problems with the caulking between the skylight and the frame, you will need to replace it and add a new one for a better protection against leaks.

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