Repairing a seal around the skylight glass

Beside from giving extra light and some ventilation skylights can also have leaks in their insulation. This is because exterior factors, in time, damage it. The solution to this is to use silicone caulk to seal it.

1. The best choice is for you to replace the entire sealant and not only the damaged part. In this case, use a utility knife and remove the seal from the frame.

2. Clean the area completely either with a putty knife if the sealant is not very old or with a caulk remover from commerce if you have difficulties taking it off.

3. Complete the cleaning of the area between the glass and the frame by wiping any remaining debris. The cleaner the area the better the sealant will adhere and no air will get trapped inside.

4. Load the caulk gun with silicone caulk and make a ¼ inch wide opening on its tip.

5. Start by applying a bead of caulk into one corner of the frame. Then keep the trigger pressed gently, don’t press it repeatedly, in order to apply a steady equal layer of caulk. Cover all the sides completely.

6. Put over a craft stick made of wood to have a better seal and wait 24 hours to dry.

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