Replacing skylights

Skylights today offer a great load of benefits like extra light, fresh air, but at some point your skylight may get damaged. In this case you will have to replace it and you should do this with a lot of attention.


First of all you have to check if the roof is also damaged or if it can handle another skylight. If everything is fine, advance to the next step.

2. Once you are on the roof take the measures of the old skylight and do a check on skylight types and different sizes. It would a lot easier if you don’t have to change the old size.

3. You will now have to choose what type of skylight you want to buy. You will have to choose from factory built skylights and site built skylights. The correct choice is the factory built skylight simply because they are more resistant to hard weather and they seal better to the roof.

4. This step is for the removal of the old skylight in order to make room for the new one.

5. Now it’s time to install the new skylight. You have to do this by following the manufacturer’s instructions. These are not always the same. After you install the skylight, caulk the area around the base.

6. The final touches include verifying certain details. See if there are any problems with the ceiling view, if there are any leaks or if any connection is loose. This is all.

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