Sewing blinds or shades for a skylight

Many times you feel there is just too much heat coming from the skylight and there is nothing you can do. And finding a skylight shade is not that easy. With all these issues, the easiest solution is to cut your own shades.

1. Perform the measurement of the skylight and write the results down.

2. After you have the exact measures, add 3 more inches to the width and 12 to the length because you will need to make some hems and pockets.

3. If you haven’t by now, you should purchase the fabric making sure it is enough. As for the color, a more light-colored fabric is recommended because the dark one attracts light and heats very hard.

4. Cut the fabric at size.

5. Fold the longer sides inside and sew them until there are only 6 inches left at the end. Those you don’t need to sew.

6. Now look at the other two sides left and sew them starting from the last stitch end. This means that you will have those 6 inches you left unsowed above this new stitch.

7. Make a 1 inch fold on the not sewn material and only cut half an inch from the top. Do the same for the remaining side. These will be the tension rod’s pockets.

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