Skylight home installation

You have below the steps that will help you install a new skylight on your roof. In the end you will enjoy the benefits of sun light directly in your room.


Decide on the location of the skylight from inside the house and drill a hole in the center of that location.

2. Now, climb on the roof and search for that hole you just made. Place the skylight centered on that hole and draw its outline on the roof. Based on that outline you will then cut a piece of the roof with a circular saw.

3. Use tape measure to calculate the width and length of the skylight. Then use these measures to cut 4 2-by-4 boards representing the four sides of the skylight.

4. Nail the bottom and top boards to the joints. Clear the shingle 3 inches away from the hole in the roof using the utility knife.

5. Now you have the area prepared to place the skylight and secure it to the roof. Before installing the flashing cover the space under the shingles with roofing paper.

6. Now you can install the flashing starting with the bottom flashing nailed into the edge of the skylight. After, install the step flashing. In the end attach the solid flashing to the skylight with your nail gun and you’re done.

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