Skylight removal

There are many reasons why you may want to remove a skylight. Maybe they were affected by a harsh storm and now they need to be replaced. For this you will need to remove the old ones.

Follow these steps:

1.  The skylight is surrounded by roof shingles. You have to remove these ones. You will see that they are attached one to another so you will have to remove the nails that attach 2 shingles together with the claw of a flat pry bar while a putty knife is set between the two shingles.

2. Usually skylights are secured to the roof with brackets. To remove these brackets you can use a pry bar, but try not to damage the roof. As you continue doing so to the brackets you will see the skylight lifting. If there aren’t any brackets to remove you can just insert the pry bar under the frame and lift it.

3. Take away the old skylight with some assistance from a friend maybe.

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