Differences between Dish and cable

The U.S market of home entertainment is dominated by big providers such as Dish Network and Cable TV. What differentiates the two providers is the source of the signal.

One comes from a satellite and one comes through cables.

Dish Network

This provider offers satellite television all over the U.S.  in approximately 14.3 million houses. The company offers more packages that are available at different prices. Besides Dish Network there is another big satellite TV provider in the U.S, DirecTV.

Cable TV

The figures show that 58.4% of the American households own cable TV. There are two types of services offered by Cable TV: Basic Cable service and Premium Cable service. Basic Cable actually means that the signal travels freely and that it can be accessed for free. Premium cable means that the signal is encrypted and a fee is required. Comcast lead the cable V market in the U.S.


The balance tends to be in favor of Dish Network. But we will see why. The price charged by Dish Network is the same all over the country but the price charged by Cable TV differs with the region. Another bad thing about Cable TV is customer service, where they get a lot of complaints.

Another thing that gets the balance in favor of Dish Network is the number of channels available. They also have round 80 pay-per-view channels.

Now, there is something that disadvantages Dish TV from Cable TV. When the weather outside is hard, the signal from the satellite gets disrupted. Still, all the facts show that Dish TV is better than Cable TV. But, all in all, the final decision is up to you and your personal preferences.

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