How to align a dish antenna

It is very important to align the dish antenna properly because else way you won’t have a clear signal.

Because the antenna is probably installed on a high place, like the roof, this represents a very dangerous job. So you have to be very careful while performing this task.

The antenna is aligned based on the azimuth, elevation and tilt. You can find the coordinates for the correct alignment by checking the TV screen after you connect the receiver and the TV. You only have to introduce your ZIP code and the coordinates will appear on screen.

First you have to adjust the elevation angle. For this you have to take into consideration the hemisphere you are located in. Hence for the northern hemisphere, the elevation angle is 30 degrees and for southern hemispheres, the elevation angle is 60 degrees. This means you have to choose the location for the antenna so that is fulfills these conditions.

The next thing to do is to install the mast. You have to install it firmly so that it won’t tilt no matter the wind speed or how heavy the antenna is. Moreover, you will notice a bubble level on the mast that has to be kept in the middle. Do every adjustment you consider necessary to keep the bubble centered.

Now you can slide the antenna above the mast. Push until it reaches the pivot. Tighten the azimuth clamp bolts.

Next you have to attach the Low Noise Blocks referred to as LNB. You connect this to the rod of an antenna.

When everything is installed you will have to fine tune the signal. The instructions about tuning the satellite will be on the screen after you plug in the cable. The idea is that you have to adjust the dish antenna with all 3 satellites, but once you adjust it to one satellite the tuning with the other two is done automatically.

It is very important that you have aligned the dish antenna properly because otherwise your signal will be very poor and you won’t be satisfied with the results.

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