Satellite TV providers

Cable TV is no longer preferred in front of satellite TV. You get to choose your favorite channels with satellite TV, you are not provided with them. The market of satellite TV is dominated by the two main providers, DirecTV and Dish Network.

In this article we will present the features of these two providers.

The two providers of satellite TV offer similar services. The condition necessary to install satellite TV in an area is that it has clear view of the southern sky. Any obstruction in this path will interfere with the signal causing bad reception. So this is one of the first things you have to make sure you can fulfill before subscribing to satellite TV.


Because DirecTV is the first company that ever broadcasted satellite TV, it also has the most users. The necessary condition for signing a contract with them is to subscribe for a period of 12 to 18 months. You cannot end the contract before this period without penalties. They have 3 packages with a total of 250 channels offered in the top package called Total Choice Premier. Other features offered by DirecTV are pay-per-view programming, HDTV packages and the best sports packages.

The cheapest subscription is 29.99$ and the most expensive is 96.99$. You also have to pay additionally if you lease the satellite receivers or if you want to include local channels in the packages.

Dish Network

Even though it doesn’t have the most customers, they are known for having the best customer satisfaction. They do not require any cancellation fees if you decide to terminate the contract before term. Another great benefit is that they offer free installation in case you decide to move your residence. With 5 packages they sum a total of 375 channels offered in the top package that costs 74.99$ per month. The extra features are similar with the ones offered by DirecTV.

Analyze these reviews and make a decision based on your personal preferences regarding television services.

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