Which is the best period for buying a TV?

If you want to get the best deal for a new TV you have to know when the best period for buying a new TV is.

With so many models of televisions on the market it is hard to know which the best time to get the best deal is. Consumer electronics have their special periods during the year when the deals are amazing.

First you need to keep one main rule in mind. As long as newer models keep on arising on the market the prices for the older model will keep on getting lower. This means that on a TV that appeared almost 12 months ago you can get a very good deal. Normally manufacturers launch their newest model during winter and spring. So that’s when you have to act fast and buy an older model.

The reason why older model get cheaper is because stores can only keep a limited numbers of televisions in their inventory. So in order to make room for the newer models they need to get rid of the older models, and this results in lowering the prices to sell then faster. Even cheaper are the models that have a little scratch or other small damages, and if you don’t mind this you will save hundreds of dollars.

Another good period for a good deal is during holiday weekends such as Fourth of July or Labor Day. The stores usually offer great deals in these days but it is important to catch the window of opportunity.

A misbelieve is that when the Superbowl is about to start, the prices for TV screens decrease. This is incorrect due to the fact that the demand is very high in that period thus creating an increase in price.

When it comes to Plasma TVs, the best price will be just after 6 months from the launch. This is the moment when the price goes really down. You must know that when a new model is launched, its features are not much greater than an older models’ so there is no mistake in choosing one.

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