Brick facing models and options

If you want your house to look good on the exterior and you don’t want to expend a big amount of money, you will need to consider the brick facing. This method will help you to transform an old house in a new good looking one and also to keep your money for other purposes. This will also add some value to your house.

A very good option for both interior and exterior of your house is brick veneer. The bricks represent just a fraction of the full house bricks and they are adhered to the wall and to the cement used. They set in place and look like they are full exterior bricks. They have a small weight and they will give you the desired aspect. They also represent a cheap solution for the exterior design of your house.

Another very interesting option is flexi bricks which are a thinned version and they will just look like a sand textured brick. This type of bricks is flexible enough and self adhesive and you will be able to add them to the entire surface of the wall, room or exterior of your house. You will need to use textured paint and adhesive to fix them in place. They are safe, durable and good looking. Another good aspect is that you can use them for the mail box and other small concrete walls and they will fit well for finishing.

A similar product to veneer is thin facings which are equipped with corners and turns for wall ends and chimney stacks. The bricks are set around the edge of the stack or house due to the ninety degree corners. The appearance of a hole brick wall is possible this fact. They will also fit well with chimney stacks and they will be easily added due to their small weight. A very good aspect for the exterior of your house will be assured if you choose this type of bricks. The ugly gray will turn to a fresh 3D look.

Another good option is represented by the SURETOUCH system which is an interlocking system. It starts with a framework of indented panels. Molded panels will be filled by the bricks which will appear like tiles which aren’t grouted. The mortar will be placed into the gaps and the framework is hidden behind the bricks. They will be installed quickly and will assure the natural aspect of bricks or stones. They can be bought in a large variety of models and colors and will be a good alternative for a long life insulation.

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