Information on wall sheathing

Wall sheathing is a necessary add when you are building a house. The large panels of wood that form the wall sheathing are put over the house exterior. The foam insulation is always put on top of this wood.

If you decide to install wall sheathing you have to check a few things before starting.

The wood you choose has to be the right grade. For example plywood which is graded on the front and on the back has to be faced with the higher grade on the outside to protect the house from weathering. Don’t purchase a number of pieces of wall sheathing you don’t need. Always see how many pieces you need before buying them. You can still buy an extra piece in case you mess one up, to have a replacement.

Place the wall sheathing over the pieces of 2x4s and attach them securing them with screws and nails. Avoid wall sheathings that have many cracks.

There is another type of wall sheathing, the structural wall sheathing that can handle hurricanes and strong winds. The extra support that this type has makes it perfect against hard weather conditions. The house frame also benefits from this as it is held together during storms.

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